Introduces The Simple Tax SYSTEM in a Power Point presentation in a convienient soft cover booklet.

The new IRS will look a lot different than it does today. It no longer will be the menacing giant most of us fear.  The new IRS will have no reason for repressive tactics to force citizens to pay taxes.  They are no longer "your taxes."  They're just  taxes!

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SIMPLE TAX REFORM -  The Simple Tax SYSTEM offers real, radical tax reform.  It recognizes the realities of a complicated U.S. Tax Code that treats taxpayers as convicted criminals, hunted down by the most sinister of US agencies, the IRS.  The Simple Tax SYSTEM will transform the IRS.   It won't put 65,000 IRS employees on the street tomorrow.  It will, however, immediately take away the agency's pseudo-police powers and tax collecting authority.  When adopted, the Simple Tax SYSTEM will eliminate  the Federal Withholding Tax, and will render preceeding tax year archive forms irrevelant (yes, you can throw them away) - no tax forms, no seperate business tax, no back tax penalties, ...and, it's not "Rocket Science."